Be A Hero For A Hero

Since its founding The Independence Fund has assisted over 2,600 veterans and their caregivers, providing over 1,700 all-terrain chairs to heroes that have sacrificed so much for our country.

Our goal this year is to provide our life-changing chairs to 300 wounded veterans. That's 300 lives that deserve the freedom of mobility and an opportunity to move towards a more fulfilling future.

 U.S. Veteran and his children, riding in his all-terrain mobility chair.

Going outside. Playing with their children. With an all-terrain chair, these heroes can take control of their independence.

We have an extensive wait list and are ready to make an impact. Veterans of the U.S. military who have been severely wounded are our greatest heroes. Empower a hero today. 

⦁ The Independence Fund is a 501c3 so your donation is tax deductible
⦁ We are 100% committed to Helping America's Wounded Veterans

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The Independence Fund is a nonprofit organization that empowers our nation's severely wounded veterans and the caregivers who support them to take control of their lives. Through its dedicated mobility and treatment programs, the Fund assists veterans in transforming their lives toward a better future.

Testimonial from Mobility Device recipient Raymond Brown

It brings tears to my eyes, to think of how this has changed my Life. I can now do things outdoors with my Wife and Friends. I have been to Parks, Hiking Trails and all around my Neighborhood. We have lots of plans for Fun and Adventure starting this Summer. We love to Camp and Fish and that is on our agenda. GOD Bless all of you at the Independence Fund, my Wife and I are forever grateful for what you do. I will always carry the torch for all of you!